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Cloudware – The New Storage

Storage in the Clouds According to, “Software that runs in or comes from a network server (the cloud). It often refers to Web-based applications.”  It reduces what is stored locally on personal computers.  Google, Microsoft Office 2013, icloud for Apple, Prezi, Snagit, Picasa, and Flickr are types of cloudware.  Many companies and school districts […]

Computer Basics – What is the Cloud?

Explaining cloudware


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Edutopia – “Technology Integration Research: Additional Tools and Programs” by Vanessa Vega

According to Vega (2013), “Technology tools also have value beyond teaching the core curriculum”.   She feels there are three ways to use technology successfully in the classroom.  They are 1.” Using technology for Assessment and Customizing Instruction, 2. Collaboration Discussion and Argumentation, and 3. Teaching Digital Literacy” Vega, 2013. She feels that using technology helps […]

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms – Enjoy

This has helped me change my way of thinking about education.

Project Based Learning – Engaging students using a hands on approach

As a teacher in the digital age, I have to remember that I have to engage my students using technology.  Using the traditional book, pencil, and paper approach that were used over many years will not work with today’s students also known as digital natives.  Their world revolves around technology.  They wake up to technology, […]

Best form of flattery

My students are using PREZIs in their other classes. Today, one of my seniors came into my class during his free time to use a computer to do a PREZI for his anatomy class. He asked for my help, but he did most of it by himself. Then, he thank me for introducing PREZI to […]