My Crystal Ball – Prezi ——->>>>>>The Future I See……………………………………………..

Will Prezi be around?  I don’t know, but I know that another form of it will be around with greater capabilities and used in the classroom daily.   I see great things happening with online presentation cloud-ware.  I see word recognition capability, and typing will no longer exist.  It is actually happening for some special-education  students as I type.  They use it daily  to do their work since they do not have the capability to use their hands to type.  It will be that kind of software that will be available to all of us.  We will turn on our computers and start speaking.

Right now, Prezi is allowing students to present their learned knowledge in a creative way.  I see future online presentation cloud-ware being interactive.  I see the presenter being able to interact with the audience in various ways.  How, you ask?  I don’t know!  I see students being able to do research from the program itself.  They will not have to go elsewhere for the needed information.  They will not have to copy and paste a YouTube video or insert an image.  I see students having access to everything they need for the presentation right from the program.   Students will be able to link all types of social media with the program.  There will be lots of endless possibilities with future programs.  I can hear me saying…oooo la..la.

My daughter and I taught my students the basics of how to use Prezi.  They have far exceeded my expectations and are outdoing my presentations.  Digital Natives are embracing this kind of presentations with a vengeance.  Give them time, and they will create online presentations that will take our breaths away.  Personally, I am looking forward to what they will create.   As I look into my Crystal Ball,  I see that the possibilities of this program will one day be endless.

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  1. Cindy,
    Prezi is a great tool that I have used in previous education courses. You discussed the incorporation of technology in presentations which demonstrates how quickly existing technology develops and evolves. There is no need for simple powerpoints with pictures and bullet points, students can make things appealing visually and interactive. Prezi has a future in education,

  2. This is awesome, I love to read success stories in the classroom. I especially love the the Sp Ed students are really getting the assistance they need to showcase their thoughts and abilities. I am sure you can see the excitement in their eyes when they do. Way to provide a great tool for your students.

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