Message from my seniors

Message from my seniors

This is what my seniors left me last week. I used project-based learning with them, and they blossomed. This is all the feedback I need about engaging my students by using technology in my lesson plans.


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  1. That is the gratification that truly repays your efforts of teaching as an invested professional:) Great too see that you are recognized by your students for your creative and encouraging use and applications of our own learning, as well as progressive thinking, learning, and teaching.

  2. Eric,
    They graduate tomorrow night, and I will be in tears. They were so open to learning, and I so blessed to have had the opportunity to teach them this year.

  3. So awesome! I felt the same way at ULV’s commencement last weekend. As a teacher, it’s so gratifying to watch your students blossom, meet their goals, and move on to their next steps in life. I always get emotional!

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