Big Brother is Watching in Technology!!!

A comparison of George Orwell’s 1984 theme of Big Brother is Watching vs Today’s Privacy Issues


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  1. Love that you used so many visuals to make them think about social media. Great idea could adapt this to other books at different levels. Awesome project.


  2. I like how you take the ideas of “1984” and apply them to today’s privacy issues. It makes the project so much more relevant to the students when they can connect to the project. Great Job!


  3. Cynthia,
    Super cool! I was actually born in 1984.:) However, I am not proud to admit, that I still have yet to read George Orwell’s 1984:”(But now when I do, I can do your WebQuest and really live the experience of your students. I am inspired by teachers like yourself, who are already moving with the times and really pushing your students and yourself to use established as well as contemporary philosophies and tools, to really adapt and customize teaching to meet the needs of our current and future students. Hopefully your kids appreciate the energy and efforts you are and will be investing to make this shift, it is nothing short of awesome! I really like the way you set up your Quest, lots of great use of technology and stimulating visuals for your students. I have learned a lot and been inspired by interactions with you and others in this class, of which I am very grateful for. Kind of funny, because although I love and look forward to using the new skills acquired by completing the learning objectives of this course, I still feel my most appreciated aspect, was slowly developing an appreciation for the different perspectives and people behind those perspectives, within the course experience. Hope we can stay connected, even if remotely, I am happy to have resources like yourself for insight and inspiration, and I look forward to contributing to education along side people like yourself.

    Eric C:

  4. Thank you everyone. I was wonderful working with all of you this session. Keep blogging, and let’s stay in touch.

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