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A shift is happening in education.  My high-school student use technology more and more everyday  to socialize, network, do class work, homework, and basically function these days.  We are living in exponential times.  It is my job to train my special-education students for a world that is advancing at an unbelievable rate.  Students today are bored sitting in classrooms that refuse to advance with the rest of the world.  I have students who can run circles around me using technology, and I need to capitalize on that knowledge.

Lecturing and work packets no longer works with today’s students, and they are bored quickly with that kind of teaching.   I am finding that using project-based learning is the best way to engage my students.  Teaching my students technology  for course presentations is one of the ways I am helping my students present their learned knowledge to me.  My students learned more about the theme and content of 1984 by George Orwell by creating a PREZI than by listening to me lecture.
I also allow the student to use their Smart Phones for dictionaries and research.   Only one or two students have abused the right to use their phones.  I incorporate YouTube, Teacher Tube, and other interactive sources into my lesson plans. So far, I have engaged juniors and seniors in my English classes at Canyon High School.

I am including a video that I showed to my juniors and seniors.  My seniors were shocked and have been more receptive to my teaching techniques.  I hope you enjoy it as well.


Shift Happens

Did You Know? 2012



2 comments on “Posts – Shift Happens

  1. Cynthia, kuddos to you for incorporating technology and realizing that your students are learning more by using it than the traditional lecture and note-taking methodology. That is such a simple adjustment to make, so why is it we do not see it more often? After working for a university that is entrenched in tradition I became frustrated with the faculty who could not even begin to think about offering an online education – this was just 5 years ago! I’m sure teachers fear technology will replace them, but I believe if you incorporate it appropriately, technology enhances your skills as a teacher.

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